Oasis Financial Solutions helps you get cash while waiting for your legal settlement. With their fast, no-risk process, you can stay financially healthy while you wait for the legal system to do its job.

About Oasis Financial Solutions

Oasis has been in business since 1996. The founders, recognizing that legal plaintiffs often struggle to stay afloat financially during a long legal battle, decided to create Oasis in order to solve that problem. They used their legal experience and expertise to build a company that provides fast, efficient services that are carefully tailored to clients’ needs. As a result, they help you stay physically and financially healthy during your most stressful time.

Oasis prides itself on responsible, transparent settlement solutions. The efforts of the employees have paid off; the company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a Trustpilot score of four stars (out of five).

Oasis Financial Solutions Services

Oasis specializes in legal settlements. Employees are experienced at working with cases across a variety of industries, including legal, marketing, customer service, and IT. When the company takes on a new client, they provide one-on-one attention to the individual and their attorneys. That way, they can create the best possible solution for every case.

With each client, Oasis sticks to its mission and philosophy. It believes in making responsible decisions and maintaining transparency with clients. As employees work to help you avoid financial disaster, they also strive to uphold your dignity. This leads to a kind, respectful relationship that provides some relief during a tough legal battle.

Oasis works with Key Health to provide solutions for medical liens, and partners with AccidentMeds to handle pharmaceutical solutions. As a result, they provide full-service attention to clients who are dealing with medical struggles.