Mutual of Omaha has a long history of providing protection from risk and opportunity for growth. In doing so, the company has made its mark with innovative, forward-looking services as customer needs and technology have changed over time.

Groundbreaking Choices

One of the earliest of these changes occurred during World War I. As men joined the armed forces, their jobs at home were often filled by women. These new breadwinners needed insurance, and Mutual Benefit was there to provide the coverage.An early willingness to embrace change is further proven by the appointment of a woman to one of the company’s top positions. In 1929, Mabel L. Criss was elected vice president and general manager.

In 1955, Mutual of Omaha adopted IBM’s new computerized data processing system. As the first health and accident company to purchase the system, the company showed its vision and its commitment to embracing new technologies.

Continued Growth and Reliability

Over the years, Mutual of Omaha has continued to adapt and respond to the concerns of a changing society by offering new products as needed.

The company is probably best known for its insurance services such as life, disability and Medicare supplement policies. In addition to insurance, financial services are available to help customers prepare for the future. Customers have come to rely on investment, banking, and annuity services to secure their plans.

Unique Identity

Perhaps the best-known of the company’s non-insurance projects is the wildlife-oriented television show Wild Kingdom. In 2013, this show celebrated 50 years of bringing exciting, educational programming to generations of viewers.

The company also works to promote volunteerism and community involvement. In keeping with the company’s intention of providing help when it’s needed, the Mutual of Omaha Foundation provides charitable relief in the greater Omaha area.

By promoting this spirit of service, the company has built a reputation based on good faith and compassion.

With the wisdom earned during more than a century of experience, Mutual of Omaha is still working to provide insurance and financial solutions to secure the future.