Based in New York City, MetLife was founded in 1868. MetLife began as a company which served soldiers and sailors whom served in the Civil War, providing insurance for war wounds and accidents. MetLife evolved into an insurance company which provides group benefits. As the name suggests, the primary business of MetLife is life insurance. MetLife also offers property, dental, vision, disability, accident and health, and executive benefits in addition to their life insurance business.

Comprehensive Disability Policy

MetLife’s insurance products are there to cover any unexpected events. Their Accidential Death & Dismemberment policy (AD&D) is there to cover any events where you might be injured on the job. The accidental death benefit is equal to any term life coverage which you might have. The AD&D policy covers work-related injuries such as loss of vision, speech, hearing, or loss of motor function. This coverage can also extend to work-related travel in the event that you get injured on a work trip.

Benefits For Globally Mobile Employees

Many people in the modern era are world travelers, especially employees of multi-national companies. Disability and life insurance coverage are crucial, but many other types of coverage are also essential. Health, wellness, and emergency coverage are able to assist you in staying safe and healthy no matter wherever you might be in the world.

Offers Life Insurance Policies as Savings Vehicles

For executives looking to augment their retirement savings, they can take advantage of a whole-life policy. The permanent coverage offers a great rate of return which is designed to build up your retirement savings without any of the tax consequences.

Term Life Insurance Offers Coverage at Low Cost

For those whom are looking for life insurance coverage, MetLife’s term insurance provides a death benefit to a family whom lost a primary income earner. Term life insurance can be an affordable way to ensure that families are covered in the event of a loved one’s death.