JMW Settlements LLC is a settlement planning firm that creates financial settlements for litigation and personal injury claims. They work with claimants, attorneys, and claims professionals in order to facilitate structured settlement plans.

About JMW Settlements LLC

JMW Settlements has been around since 1978. The original founder, Julia M. Walsh, was the first female President of the Greater Washington Board of Trade. This firm’s headquarters is located in Washington, D.C. and there are other branches located in Texas, West Virginia, Louisiana, Kentucky, New York, Virginia, Washington, and Oklahoma.

JMW Settlements Services

This firm offers full service in structured settlement support. The team works with different parties in a personal injury case in order to achieve the outcome of a structured settlement plan. They help with negotiation, document review, settlement proposal design, case closing, and coordination of payment delivery to name a few things. Their services can be retained by injured persons and families, plaintiff attorneys, defense attorney, and claims professionals. The primary goal is to implement a structured settlement in a court case, and they offer extensive services to help parties negotiate an agreement and settle the case. Additionally, they offer due diligence services for settlement fiduciaries.