Fairfield Funding Company Profile

April 13, 2019

Fairfield Funding purchases structured settlements and annuities from individuals who need more money now. The company offers a lump sum payment to clients in exchange for the regular payments of structured settlements, annuities, and lottery payments.

About Fairfield Funding
Fairfield Funding is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and offers funding to clients all over the U.S. This business is accredited with the Better Business Burea with an A+ rating. It has also received a five-star rating on ConsumerAffairs.com.

Fairfield Funding Services
In addition to offering lump sum payments for structured settlements, Fairfield Funding offers signing bonuses, cash advances, and referral bonuses. The company also offers fixed advances with no interest. Fairfield claims to match the offer of any competitor. It promises to close all transactions as quickly as the law allows. It advertises a 100% guarantee on its website.

Fairfield Funding Process
When an individual contacts Fairfield Funding, the customer service agent provides a free quote on the amount of the lump sum and helps the customer choose the best plan. Next, the agent begins the process to deliver funding. The Fairfield Funding team handels all legal compliance issues to ensure that the client receives the money quickly without any hassle.