AnFed Bank, which is now called Axos Bank, is a nationwide financial institution that provides a broad range of products and services. From classic checking and savings accounts to structured settlements and lottery payments, the bank helps you handle all of their finances.

History of AnFed/Axos Bank

Axos Bank was founded in 2000 as a digital financial institution. It started as Bank of the Internet USA with just one service: online checking accounts. The bank went public in 2005. Throughout the ensuing decade, it began to add a variety of services, including home loans, business banking, and structured settlements. In 2018, the bank renamed itself to Axos Bank. Today, it continues to grow quickly, thanks in part to its internet-based Universal Digital Bank platform.

AnFed/Axos Bank Services

Axos Bank brought together many different branches under the same umbrella. Today, it’s able to offer a wide variety of financial services. In addition to business and personal bank accounts, it offers commercial and individual loans to customers. The bank also partners with a variety of financial companies to offer financial advising, wholesale lending, small-balance commercial real estate, and services to car dealerships.

Axos also works with customers who have received settlements or lottery winnings. They help can help you figure out how to schedule and use the money to your best advantage, with a focus on long-term financial health.

AnFed/Axos Bank Philosophy

In everything it does, Axos Bank focuses on user-friendly, digital-first strategies. It’s committed to giving you the information and tools you need to make the best possible financial decisions. As a corporation, the bank is dedicated to the communities that house its branches, and makes an effort to build local relationships and partnerships. Bank employees often participate in service initiatives with the goal of community improvement.