Recipients of Annuity Payments Can Sell for Lump Sum Cash

You have choices if you are receiving payments from an annuity now, or if you anticipate payments in the future. For some people, receiving payments over time is most desired. But sometimes, life takes a turn and it’s more desired to sell those payments now and receive a lump sum check.

If you are receiving payments, but you’re past retirement age and still working, you might decide a better solution for you is to sell the payments. Or perhaps you need the money now to pay for unexpected expenses that hit us all from time-to-time, like medical costs, rent or mortgage payments, tuition, and more.

Whatever your situation, know that Settlement Capital is here to help you. We’ve been in business for 25 years, longer than anyone in the business. We know the ins and outs of this business. A phone call to 800-959-0065 gets a conversation started. We promise no pressure. And you’re under no obligation. But if you have payments that qualify to be purchased by us, we’ll get a quote to you, often right over the phone.

Annuity Payments