Using Settlement Payments for Disability Remodeling

When remodeling to accommodate a disability is a necessity, selling structured settlement payments to pay for costly remodeling is an investment. The range most homeowners spend to remodel is from $6,755 to $10,723 based findings by But additional research suggests the costs can be much higher, as much as $20,000 for a kitchen and $9,000 for a bathroom. It all depends upon what you need, where you live, and more according to

It can require a great deal of cash and work to remodel a home or space to accommodate a disability.

There are three primary areas where a home will need remodeling:

  1. Bathroom
  2. Kitchen
  3. Exterior

With so much care needed to make sure everything is done properly, it’s recommended that only a professional should tackle this large of a project. It’s not for the “do it yourselfer.”

In addition, with an extensive project, its likely different types of contractors will need to be brought together to make sure every part of your project is completed and passes building codes.

Remodeling Magazine reports the average kitchen update in which countertops and cabinets are installed, along with new sinks and flooring would run at an average cost of $20,320.

For a similar bathroom "update" which replaces the tub, toilet, vanity, and flooring, the cost is approximately $9,020.

For an average deck addition, similar to the type needed for a ramp assembly, the cost comes in at an average of $9,370.

The total average return on investment for the three separate projects is 83%. This suggests that the homeowner who invests roughly $38,700 in a disability remodel may be able to see around $34,065 for their effort at the time of sale.

If your life can be improved by selling structured settlement payments for a disability remodeling project, you should look into your options. If you decide to sell your payments, you’re in great hands with Settlement Capital Corporation. SCC has purchased $1 billion in future payments for over 25 years. No one knows the ins and outs of the settlement purchasers industry better than Settlement Capital.

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