Using Settlement Payments for a Deck/Ramp Disability Remodeling Project

Selling structured settlement payments to pay for costly deck and ramp remodeling to accommodate an individual with a disability is an investment. Selling future payments now can help an individual with a disability to make life easier.

Depending upon your requirements and market, according to, the cost for a ramp/deck remodel could approach $9,400.

Here are some general guidelines:

Deck/Ramp (requires slope of 1:16 to 1:20 across a minimum 30' length and 36" width):

  • Pour concrete footings - Average price of concrete is $75 per cubic yard, with piers and the full slab it that would require roughly 6 cubic yards and would cost at least $450.
  • Ramps must comply with ADA guidelines, this means a landing of 5' a run of 30' and a maximum height of 28". There will be handrails and edge protection meaning adequate lumber consisting of 2x4, 2x6, and 4x4 posts is required.

If your life can be improved by selling structured settlement payments for a disability remodeling project, you should look into your options. If you decide to sell your payments, you’re in great hands with Settlement Capital Corporation. SCC has purchased $1 billion in future payments for over 25 years. No one knows the ins and outs of the settlement purchasers industry better than Settlement Capital.

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