Business Practices Policy

Settlement Capital has long been the “gold standard” when it comes to structured settlement factoring ethics and best practices. In addition to full compliance with all applicable laws, at Settlement Capital, we live by these rules:

  • We will always disclose to the customer the discount rate being used to determine their purchase price, even if the applicable state laws don’t require it.
  • We will make our own, independent assessment as to whether the proposed sale is in the customer’s best interests, taking into account all of the customer’s life circumstances. If we don’t think the sale of payments is right for the customer we will not take the deal.
  • When appropriate under the circumstances, we will bring the court action to approve the transfer in the county where the person lives, even if the state law allows it to be brought elsewhere. We believe that the judge sitting in the county where the seller lives will be more likely to understand the life circumstances the customer is experiencing.
  • We will always tell the judge about previous transfer petitions that we know about involving the customer, even if the state law doesn’t require it.
  • If we suspect that the customer may have a physical or mental issue that is impeding their ability to make financial decisions, we will take action to have a physician examine them and assess their capacity.
  • We will work with the customer to customize a transaction where only the least amount of payments will need to be sold in order to achieve their financial goals.